Hi, I’m Adriana.                  

I am a Canadian journalist, author and former staff reporter at Canada’s national newspaper, The Globe and Mail, covering health issues such as the link between cancer and PTSD.

Music is a lifelong passion. As a cello student for 17 years, I tried Yo-Yo Ma’s Strad, played Pachelbel’s Canon at a gazillion weddings and performed (once) at Carnegie Hall. Injuries put an end to my classical-music career, but when I starting dabbling in global grooves, I began to see music in a whole new way.

My forthcoming book explores music as medicine. Drawing from neuroscience, evolutionary biology and and anthropology, I’ll show that music isn’t just entertainment – it’s an age-old system to boost human health, help us bond with each other (even at a chemical level) and add joy and meaning to life.

On my blog, you’ll find updates from my research and ideas from my book

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